Courageous, Creative Conquerors

WHETHER YOU ARE singing a song, writing a story, sewing a scarf, building a fence, baking a cake, or planting a garden--what matters is your ability to creatively express yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally to be healed, healthy, and happy. Join me, Jean Voice Dart, Expressive Arts Coach, and Host of "Courageous, Creative Conquerors," and meet those who triumph over trauma using the arts (writing, music, drama, and visual arts). 

Who is a "Courageous, Creative Conqueror?" You!

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Courageous Creative Conqueror - April Tribe Giaugue

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IT’S TIME TO STOP THE BLAME GAME AND SHINE YOUR LIGHT! - April Tribe Giauque is the definition of a "Courageous, Creative, Conqueror" - SURVIVING and THRIVING through childhood molestation, domestic violence, and eating disorders to become a POSITIVE force in the universe! She is a published author, ghostwriter, accomplished MOTIVATIONAL speaker for domestic violence awareness and recovery, podcaster, and phenomenal mother of NINE beautiful, brilliant children --- YES!!! NINE CHILDREN!!!

Now April Tribe Giauque, Author MSED devotes her life to encouraging and inspiring people everywhere to let go of the VICTIM, embrace the VICTOR, and be a "Beacon of LIGHT" to the WORLD. She is happily married, with a supportive, loving husband and amazing family. JOIN April and me as April shares valuable tips from her Supporter’s Toolkit—a building network for survivors.