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Courageous, Creative Conquerors

WHETHER YOU ARE singing a song, writing a story, sewing a scarf, building a fence, baking a cake, or planting a garden--what matters is your ability to creatively express yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally to be healed, healthy, and happy. Join me, Jean Voice Dart, Expressive Arts Coach, and Host of "Courageous, Creative Conquerors," and meet those who triumph over trauma using the arts (writing, music, drama, and visual arts). 

Who is a "Courageous, Creative Conqueror?" You!

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JoinMy Creative Community

Participate in the Community Calls or on Social Media

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  • Join the CCC Facebook Group - Enjoy creative shares and/or share your own

  • Join Weekly "Creative Comunity Calls" - Create quietly in the presence of others. Create and feel great, then care and share! This is a safe community. You must first register to attend. Thank you for keeping it safe. Meetings are every Tuesday at 5 PM Pacific Time or every Saturday at 10 AM Pacific Time. Register by clicking on the day and filling out the form. You will receive an email with the Zoom link after registering. 

  • Watch CCC on YouTube - You may scroll down and click on the photo to view individual interviews or click the link above to view the YouTube Playlist

  • Schedule Your Own CCC Interview - Contact Jean to apply and schedule an interview

  • Schedule a Private Creative Session with Jean - Contact Jean to apply and schedule a session.


Featured  Video Podcast


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Courageous Creative Conqueror  Robin Zimmerman

Are you looking for creative inspiration? Join Robin, a talented creative artist and wood crafter, and me for this fun and enlightening podcast as she shares her artist's journey and craft projects. She and her husband work together to make beautiful and unique wood-crafting creations.

In this interview, Robin shares a miraculous story about angels and why her family, faith, and crafting all play an essential role in her life. We discuss how crafting brings joy and helps with managing life challenges, depression, and stress. She gives us practical craft-making ideas, and inspiring, motivating, and fun tips and techniques. 

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