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Courageous, Creative Conquerors

WHETHER YOU ARE singing a song, writing a story, sewing a scarf, building a fence, baking a cake, or planting a garden--what matters is your ability to creatively express yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally to be healed, healthy, and happy. Join me, Jean Voice Dart, Expressive Arts Coach, and Host of "Courageous, Creative Conquerors," and meet those who triumph over trauma using the arts (writing, music, drama, and visual arts). 

Who is a "Courageous, Creative Conqueror?" You!

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Courageous Creative Conqueror Lynda Peace Davidson

THE ARTIST'S JOURNEY FROM GRIEF TO JOY - Iris Brewster, Fine Artist, shares her art journey and remarkable paintings on the "Courageous Creative Conquerors Podcast." The creative arts and loving support from her family and friends were essential to Iris after the death of her son. As a talented visual artist, every day, she recognizes and embraces the transformational power and JOY of the creative and expressive arts. #artshareandsupport #artistinterview #courageouscreativeconquerors #fineartist #griefrecoveryspecialist #expressiveartstherapy #creativeartspodcast

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