Courageous, Creative Conquerors

WHETHER YOU ARE singing a song, writing a story, sewing a scarf, building a fence, baking a cake, or planting a garden--what matters is your ability to creatively express yourself physically, mentally, and emotionally to be healed, healthy, and happy. Join me, Jean Voice Dart, Expressive Arts Coach, and Host of "Courageous, Creative Conquerors," and meet those who triumph over trauma using the arts (writing, music, drama, and visual arts). 

Who is a "Courageous, Creative Conqueror?" You!

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Courageous Creative Conqueror Sally Betters

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Join Sally Betters, "Courageous, Creative Conqueror," and me as we take on a "sensitive topic" of the power of STORYTELLING in recovering from childhood trauma and abuse. She lays out the truth about childhood abuse, trauma, and trafficking but gives us the gift of compassion, encouragement, faith, and HOPE.

Sally Betters believes YOU are a hero with a GIFT to share. She says, "We can bring what we have to the table. I hope this encourages someone because we all have been given gifts by our Creator, whether writing, singing, or drawing. Whatever it is, we can bring joy to this world. And if we use it in a way that helps somebody else, then all the better!" Join Sally and me and learn how to discover your purpose, share your STORY, embrace your life, and change your world.