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Children's Books 

NOTE: A portion of ALL book proceeds is donated to registered children's charities.
See a list of Jean's favorite charities below. Jean's books are available at ALL major
outlets online (Amazon, Target, Walmart, Barnes and Noble, BooksaMillion, Booktopia, etc.).

An Oinkrrific Day!

A Musical, Bully-Busting, 
Barnyard Adventure

 Jean Voice Dart
Illustrated by Anastasia Yatsueneko

Are you READY for a MUSICAL adventure? Jean Voice Dart's An Oinkrrific Day! storybook is a bully-busting poem-story about a posy-picking piglet and his barnyard buddies. Children learn to identify musical instruments and name farm animals.

Jean Voice Dart's, An Oinkrrific Day! inspires children of all ages to be true to themselves, follow their dreams, and listen to their hearts.

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Oinkrrific Activity Coloring Book 3D No

An Oinkrrific Day!

Activity and Coloring Book

by Jean Voice Dart
Illustrated by Anastasia Yatsunenko

LOOKING for some SMILES? We've got you covered. Try these FIFTY creative and fun activities (coloring, circling, matching, word-searching, maze-solving, tracing, and counting) that teach emotions, animals, and musical instruments.

THIS ACTIVITY AND COLORING book shares a powerful message of friendship, self-confidence, harmony, and love for the young at heart, ages 3-and older.

Friends Have Feelings
Activity and Coloring Book

Jean Voice Dart
Illustrated by Anastasia Yatsueneko

3D Final Book Cover Upright Right.png

THROUGH THE USE OF DELIGHTFUL ILLUSTRATIONS and engaging activities, children are encouraged to talk about feelings ("What makes you sad?" or "The turkey feels silly. Can you make a silly face?").

TIPS FOR PARENTS and teachers are included in this activity book featuring 30 reflective activity coloring pages, with 16 emotions and 16 different animals. This book is perfect for toddlers and children in primary grades.

Autographed Bookplates

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If you would like an autographed bookplate, I would be happy to mail it to you. Choose from the following illustrations: 1. The piggy family, 2. Bernie with musical notes, 3. Mama with music and pink hearts

Choose from the following autographs: 1.Bernie, 2. Mama, or 3. The author, Jean Voice Dart

Every autograph is personalized. Please indicate the name and age of the person who is receiving the autograph and provide your address. Thank you.


Jean's Favorite Charities

Jean's Book Reviews

Susan Dahl_edited.jpg

Truly Amazing
This book is THE Best!
Thank you for sharing this treasure.
I'm Blessed.

This book is delightful
I SOooo can relate!

I know you will Love it
Because It is GREAT!

-Susan Dahl, Author, Poet, Speaker


T"his is a lovely, positive, uplifting storybook told in a way that youngest of all ages will enjoy. 

Cecilia Tement's daughter Sabrina.jpg

An Oinkrrific Day is one of the GREATEST books I have ever read! I love how all of characters have their own song and try helping Bernie to find his own song. All of the animals and pictures are so detailed and cool! I also love how in the end Bernie finds a song of his own!


Sabrina Tement, 11 years old

D. Lippold

Just adorable. Perfect for children 3-5. Incorporates music-making with the message of self-esteem.

K. Johnson

This colorful book is thoroughly charming and powerful in teaching children to listen to their own heart, find their own voice, sing their own song, and forgive others...all the while, learning about musical instruments and barnyard animals! Sure to delight the young~and young at heart.

T. Attama

A real treat with its sing-songy, yet powerful message. Follow your heart is a message every child needs to hear several times a day! Beeautiful , colorful illustrations are like the cherry on top!

S. Holloman

Awesome job tackling such a critical topic with accessible tools such as music and poetry. The accompanying coloring book can be a therapeutic or relaxing followup activity after reading the story. Younger kids need validation because they experience social pressures as well.  Kudos for a job well done, Dart!

Denise Hedlind Book.png

"I love, love, love these books and can't wait to read them to my grandkids and children of my former students. The animal characters are so lovable and adorable. The message to find your own song, in addition to accepting those of others, is a reminder we all need. I highly recommend Jean's Bully-Busting Adventure Series!

-Denise Hedlind, Unity Monterey Bay Music Director, Retired Vocal Music Teacher, Vocal Coach

Stephanie Duesing2_edited.jpg

"Jean Voice Dart's An Oinkrrific Day! sweetly sensitive partnering children's books are about finding your own voice, standing up to bullies, forgiveness, and kindness. Filled with beautiful illustrations by the talented Anastasia Yatsuneko, both books introduce children to many musical instruments as Bernie, the adorable runt of the litter, journeys through the farm. The storybook provides darling rhymes and enchanting pictures; the partnering activity book includes mazes, word searches, counting activities, coloring pages, and much more. These books are a great addition to family libraries. I can see these being adopted by Orff Schulwork teachers everywhere!” 


-Stephanie Duesing, Author, Music Teacher, Certified Muzikgarten Teacher

Sally Betters.jpg

"Jean Voice Dart excels as a creative children's author in her vibrant An Oinkrrific Day! partnering books. You will want to read these delightful books of valuable character-building messages about listening to your heart and standing against the crowd. These comprehensive works speak to the affirming power of a caring mother's encouragement, introduce children to a variety of musical instruments and animal sounds, and offer creative activity pages to fully engage your child. They are a must for any children's library. Congratulations, Jean, on such amazing children’s books!!"

-Sally Betters, Author, Life Coach to Overwhelmed Teens and Moms

Cecilia 8.jpg

Being a pig fanatic, my 11-year-old daughter fell in love with An Oinkrrific Day! immediately!! The vivid illustrations, beautifully conceptualized story and lesson about tolerance and inclusion really resonated with me.

I thank author Jean Voice Dart for this exceptionally entertaining, touching and impactful children's book! A must read with your child!

Cecilia Tement, Author and Transformational Coach

Friends Have Feelings 3D2.png

Friends Have Feelings
Poem Storybook

by Jean Voice Dart
Illustrated by Anastasia Yatsunenko

BERNIE'S FRIENDS HAVE FEELINGS. How are you feeling? Sharing and caring are emphasized in this third book from Jean's Bully-Busting Adventures Series.

BRIGHT COLORFUL illustrations teach early-language learners 14 animal names as Bernie meets each barnyard buddy who shares 16 unique emotions and feeling. This simple poem-story is appropriate for toddlers, preschoolers, and primary grades.

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