"Don't be me. Just be you.
Find the sound that is true."

-Jean Voice Dart, Author,
Expressive Arts Coach, Teacher


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Jean Voice Dart helps children and adults release their creative flow, boost joy and confidence, and share their unique gifts and talents with the world.

Those who work with Jean discover the voice of the heart, through the creative, expressive, and performing arts.

A portion of all book proceeds is donated to registered children's charities. Thank you for your support. 

  New Release

by Jean Voice Dart
(storybook and activity and coloring book)


"Jean's approach is truly inspirational. I was amazed at the amount of progress she helped me make with each lesson."          


 -Susan Bradley, Professional Harpist


"My training sessions with Jean became a special part of each week for three years.  And my newfound skills had me looking forward to performing at Open Mic venues."
Robin Woo, Retiree


“Jean conducts interesting exercises that stretch my imagination and capabilities. I am so grateful to have her in my life!”
    -Lynnette Parsonage Siler, Author


Jean has over forty years of experience working with individuals in both private and group sessions 


As a certified teacher and coach, Jean works with creative artists, writers, speakers and performers of all ages who are ready to take their next pivotal step.

Meet Jean

  • Adult Continuing Education Teacher

  • Credentialed Teacher K-12 (MS)

  • Certified Group and Private Music Teacher

  • Certified Expressive, Creative, and Performing Arts Coach (CCF)

  • Over 40 years experience as a teacher, performer, presenter, and speaker

"Let's work together to clarify your goals, design your unique plan, and achieve success."

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Young Adults, Adults, and Senior Citizens


Schedule private or group sessions to determine your unique expressive arts talents and skills, create your plan, and achieve your goals. 

Parents, Teachers, and


Webinars and resources for teachers, parents, and educational facilities, with FREE guidebooks, materials, and activities to encourage and foster creative expression

Toddlers and Children


FUN, creative, and expressive arts activities, storybooks, rhythm games, poem stories, and FREE giveaways, 

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