Jean Voice Dart helps others release their creative flow, boost joy and confidence, and share their unique gifts and talents with the world.


"Let's have fun and get it done!"

-Jean Voice Dart, Author,
Expressive Arts Grief and Trauma Coach

 Those working with Jean identify, embrace, and release blocked feelings and emotions through the creative, expressive, and performing arts.

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Courageous Creative Conquerors

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Who is a Courageous Creative Conqueror? You!

Meet and Join Expressive Artists Who Triumph Over Trauma

Jean works with creative artists, writers, musicians, speakers, and performers who are ready to take their next pivotal step.

Meet Jean

  • Certified Expressive Arts Grief and Trauma Coach (CCF)

  • Certified Art Therapy Practitioner (CATP)

  • Credentialed Adult Continuing Education Teacher (Music, Fine Arts, Creative Writing)

  • Credentialed Teacher K-12 (MS, in Sp. Ed.)

  • Group and Private Music, Art, Theater, and Writing Teacher Primary and Secondary

  • Registered Music Therapist (RMT)

  • Over 40 years experience as a teacher, performer, presenter, coach, and speaker

"Let's work together to clarify your goals, design your unique plan, and achieve success."

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Jean has over forty years of experience in both private and group sessions helping people triumph over physical, mental, or emotional trauma. 

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A portion of all book proceeds is donated to registered children's charities. To see a list of books, free giveaways, book plates, reviews, children's charities, click below to go to the Book Page. Thank you for your support. 

  Jean's Books

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"Courageous, Creative


Join a private group of others who triumph over trauma using the arts (writing, music, drama, and visual arts). Quietly observe, create, and learn. Some choose to be freely promoted or featured.


Adult Private or Group Sessions


Schedule private, individual or group sessions. Determine your goal, create an achievable plan, develop your unique talents and skills, and experience success. 

Child, Parent, and Teacher Materials


Receive valuable resources for children, parents, and teachers. Purchase storybooks and activity books. Download FREE materials to foster creative expression and explore feelings.

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Make Payment

How to Pay for Weekly or Monthly Sessions

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Contact Jean to schedule a FREE 30-minute session and discuss financial arrangements. Pay here using PayPal or your chosen credit card. Receive a thirty-day money-back guarantee from the date of payment.

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A valuable resource for creative artists, performing artists, writers, and speakers
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