“Jean is a wonderful coach who guides with her heart and soul. Her caring for those she works with helps foster powerful connections and encourages deeper growth. She listens with an open mind and uses gentle, thought-provoking questions and observations to nurture change. I highly recommend working with Ms. Dart!”

 —Kaecey McCormick, Author, Poet, Podcaster

"I fondly recall the year when I chose Jean as my first voice teacher, having decided to pursue a lifelong desire to learn singing. Favoring tunes from the Great American Songbook, we began working on songs made famous by Frank Sinatra.  Jean proved to be a patient teacher, adapting her training techniques for an untrained student, who faced the challenge of acquiring a new skill in mid-life.

My training sessions with Jean became a special part of each week for three years. And my newfound skills had me looking forward to performing at Open Mic venues. Now, many years later, I am still performing for live audiences, feeling delighted when I can bring a smile to the faces I see and feeling grateful that I can help lighten a few hearts."


 —Robin Woo, Retiree

"Jean Voice Dart is a beautiful, bright light; talented and gifted musician; and a creative and inspirational teacher. Jean keeps sharing her positive and uplifting outlook on life throughout these seemingly sad, scary, and uncertain times. What a gift indeed!"

 —Denise Hedlind, Unity Monterey Bay Music Director
Retired Vocal Music Teacher/Coach

I’ve known Jean Voice Dart for many years and I recently asked her to be my vocal coach. I am an accomplished harpist and author, but for a long time, I had been hoping I could learn to sing with my harp.  Jean and I started with weekly lessons, but I enjoyed it so much that I asked to increase it to meeting twice a week.  


Jean's approach is truly inspirational. I was amazed by the amount of progress she helped me make with each lesson.  She's masterful and insightful.  Fun too. It's one thing to make my harp sing and quite another to use my own body as the "instrument" I am finally working toward achieving my dream.  Thank you Jean!!! 


Susan Bradley RN, Professional Harpist

www.Got Harp.com


Jean has a wonderful gift of encouragement. I am an author and have been in the process of writing a book for some time, but had become discouraged and ready to give up. I joined a group session led by Jean Voice Dart and she completely changed my outlook. Her positive energy and bright spirit became a welcome fixture in my life.


Jean opened my heart to see the book in a different way. I saw the value of the book for me and others. Jean has made a huge difference in my life.  She is organized, punctual, bright, cheery, encouraging, and conducts interesting exercises that stretch my imagination and capabilities. I am so grateful to have her in my life!

 —Lynnette Parsonage Siler, Author